Green Meetings 6Meeting venues with established Environmental Policies or sustainability initiatives are in demand. The current trend in “going green” is only getting stronger, as more people realize the impact they have on their environment. By hosting Green Meetings, you are making a long-term investment in your venue.

There are many initiatives you could implement, both long-term and short-term, that require widely different investments. With the Green Meeting Resource, GSN has gathered an array of green initiatives that are currently being utilized at venues around the world. Additionally, GSN has provided a curated list for venues outlined in three-tiers: the first being actions with minimal investment, the second being those that require investment and time, and the third being larger projects that have shown to provide a return on investment.

Download the Green Meeting Venue Initiatives

Below is a sample of initiatives from the list, along with a property that currently offers that initiative.

First Tier Suggestions

Second Tier Suggestions

  • Implement a robust recycling program throughout the property (Sundara Inn and Spa, Wisconsin, USA)
  • Implement a food waste program that composts or donates left-over food (Strattons Hotel, Norfolk)
  • Utilize environmentally friendly multi-purpose and/or biodegradable cleaners (Rancho La Puerta, Mexico)

Third Tier Suggestions

  • Utilize salvaged or recycled material for integral aspects of the property, i.e. flooring or paneling (Sherwood, New Zealand)
  • Create an on-site garden that supports your culinary offerings (Cave B Estate Winery & Resort, Washington, USA)
  • Implement water-conserving and energy-efficient fixtures and appliances throughout the property (Peppermill, Nevada, USA)
  • Implement geo-thermics to heat and cool the building (Devil’s Thumb Ranch, Colorado, USA)

Download the Green Meeting Venue Initiatives