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“We are proud to be in partnership with such an enlightened organization. Comprised of dedicated industry professionals, the Green Spa Network offers essential educational tools, indispensable networking opportunities, and the ability to become proactive in the green spa movement, a visionary undertaking that requires a passion for sustainability and the initiative to promote change.”
Marti Morenings, Universal Companies

“Having the opportunity to work with likeminded people who share a focused intention of making the world a healthier place is not only an honor but a pleasure. We believe spas are the obvious industry to help many realize a life not only void of disease but rich in wellness. Sharing time with professionals who understand the importance of healthy sustainable practices allows us to share the life changing benefits of a tea lifestyle at a high level creating new teachers who can have a direct impact on others.”
Nez and Donna Tokugawa, Tea Docents, Chado-En

“The Interface Environmental Foundation is interested in supporting efforts by industries, educational institutions to assess and address sustainability in their operations and businesses.  We were an early supporter of the Us Green Building Council because we saw the power of businesses looking at their own operations and finding was to assess and then green their businesses – we think the tool under development by the Green Spa Network has similar potential. “
Erin Meezan, Vice President, Sustainability, Interface


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