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The SAT helps Businesses:

  • Measure Progress
  • Develop a Plan
  • Take Action


The SAT supports businesses by providing:

  • Awareness of the components that provide a more sustainable business.
  • Comprehensive measurement of their company’s sustainability across 18 categories.
  • A custom Sustainability Status Report.
  • Practical tools and ideas to delve further into possible areas of improvement, linking to a wide range of GSN’s resources and recommendations.

Getting Started

The first step of the SAT is a self-administered online questionnaire designed specifically for spas and spa related businesses.  The tool lays out 18 different practice areas that are taken into consideration including: water management, energy use, waste reduction, laundry processes, and even leadership and community connection.  Simple to answer questions address the intentions, plans and concrete actions taken to move a business along the sustainable continuum.  Upon completion, the user is asked to submit their results electronically and then receives a Sustainability Status Report identifying the relative strength of the company’s sustainability practices and their areas for opportunity.

The second step of the SAT is to review their individualized Sustainability Status Report and use GSN’s member-only Greening Toolkit that provides information, tools and concrete actions in each practice area to help green your business.

Taking the SAT Supports a Sustainable Spa Industry

This tool is intended to support sustainability benchmarking for the industry.  The collective data gathered will enable GSN to access valuable insights into greening progress across the spa industry.

“We encourage each of our members to set aside the time to complete this questionnaire in order to receive valuable input regarding their company’s commitment to provide a sustainable business model,” says GSN Board Member, Gaye Steinke, who is also the General Manager of the Allegria Spa at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek and the Spa Anjali at Westin Riverfront.
“We were delighted to hear industry members say that in the process of simply filing out the questionnaire, they learned about simple steps they could take to focus more on green in their spa,” explains Suzanne Chavez, GSN Board Member, Spa Director at the Spa at Loretto and Head of the Destination Hotels & Resorts Green Team.


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The Sustainability Assessment Tool was made possible with the generous support of Chado-En Tea Docents.