Our Industry & Vision

RanchLaPuerta_facial-webAt Green Spa Network we believe spas play a meaningful role in supporting the health and well-being of people and their communities. While traditionally spas have been marketed as a pampering indulgence and are often viewed as a symbol of excessive disposable income, a shift is taking place. In the years to come, spas will become a recognized venue for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness, respected and supported by the medical profession and enjoyed by all.

The Spa Industry at a Glance

  • In the US, there are 20,000 spa facilities with a combined annual revenue of $13 billion.
  • Spas and wellness centers generate $60 billion in worldwide revenue and anchor a $250 billion global spa tourism market.
  • Europe is the largest spa market (with about one-third of locations), followed by the Asia/Pacific region and North America.
  • Women make up about 70 percent of US spa customers. The average spa customer is in her 40s, white, a college graduate, and earns between $50,000 and $150,000 per year.

Statistics are gathered from the International Spa Association and SRI International.

Spas and their related services constitute an incredibly large industry – generating $60 billion in global revenue ($13 billion in the US alone) and anchoring a $250 billion global spa tourism market, according to the International Spa Association – and as such, occupy an equally large environmental footprint. The industry typically utilizes precious resources for a wide array of water-based treatments, laundry services, and disposable items used in spa services. Additionally, personal care and cleaning products collectively contain 70,000 industrial chemicals, many of which have unknown effects or can be outright harmful to people and the natural environment.

For Green Spa Network, we see this as an opportunity to make lasting environmental impact on a large scale, starting with sustainability assessments and easily-adoptable practices for individual facilities. By adopting green practices, we not only make spas themselves more sustainable, but support the financial sustainability of green businesses and raise environmental awareness among spa clientele.