Powered by Sunshine!

The sun is shining on Tara Spa Therapy and it is being put to good use.


On April 11, 2017, the Tara Spa Therapy production facility became 100% solar powered. According to Tara Grodjesk, Founder of Tara Spa Therapy and Founding Member of Green Spa Network, “It was imperative in our ongoing commitment to being an eco-conscious company that we become fully sustainable, so our team was determined that our warehouse would be 100% solar powered in time for Earth Day on April 22, 2017. We are thrilled to have met this milestone.”

Over 80 solar panels were installed over the last month and tested repeatedly during the past week to ensure that they were fully operational. The full line of Tara Spa Therapy products are part of the Living Wellness® ethos that well-being is “about what you do every day”…and every bit counts.

While converting to 100% solar power will significantly reduce energy bills, it will also reduce TARA’s carbon footprint. Tara is hopeful that as more companies implement an “earth first” mentality, it will create a growing trend as more businesses, large and small, take notice and implement sustainable and conscientious business practices on a continual basis.