Member Highlight: Chase Polan, KYPRIS

Chase Polan
Founder, CEO
GSN Member Since 2013

Why are you a GSN Member?
I am a GSN member because I believe that education is the best way to encourage positive action. Maya Angelou was right: When you know better, you do better.

Share a recent accomplishment, personally or professionally, in greening or sustainability.
Our KYPRIS x Ojai Valley Inn and Spa collaboration is a really proud moment. Our two teams created an East-West ritual weaving in local botanical treasures and healing practices, therapeutic touch, and engaging information for their guests. This is something that I look at and appreciate in that the KYPRIS team and I have been working towards this kind of collaboration for a very long time. It’s an absolute honor to get to work with the Ojai team. They’re such a special and lovely group of souls.

Why does your spa prioritize social and/or environmental sustainability?
KYPRIS creates offerings for an ecstatic experience of your Beauty and being. If you accept the Truth that each of us is Nature, then the only way to create wellness-enhancing products or experiences is to do so with a respect for our home and the beings who inhabit it. To grow a rose bush, we start with rose seeds or clippings. To create Beauty, we begin with reverence for the Earth and Her inhabitants.

Where do you go to connect to nature?
Inward. Almost daily, I meditate to connect and listen to my Nature.
There are too many favorite physical places to mention. A warm water beach on the southern Atlantic when the sun is still out but the sky is deciding whether to rain. Walking among walnut trees heavy with fruit and the ground dank with sulphur in the Appalachians. The old growth forests of the Puget Sound. The rocky cerulean beaches of the Mediterranean. The green patches and billowing trees of London’s Hyde Park. The Cloisters at the top of New York City.

What is your favorite GSN resource? 
The people. GSN has the most amazing people.

How do you recharge?
Digital Detox. I turn it all off. In fact, I’m trying to make an even more concerted effort to create boundaries around my screen time during the week.