Member Highlight: Consultant Kate Mearns

Kate Mearns
5 Spa Consulting, LLC
GSN Member Since 2012

Why are you a GSN Member?
The mission of GSN is one I believe in and to stand behind.

Share a recent accomplishment, personally or professionally, in greening or sustainability.
I am working with a company based in North Carolina, Connect2MySpa, which has created a cloud based software program addressing the needs of spa support staff and eliminates the need for paper. In my spa operations day, we would go through reams of papers when we communicated policies, memos, etc. This feels so good.

Why does your spa prioritize social and/or environmental sustainability?
When I work on a project, I encourage the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices. In my opinion, waste turns off customers and employees alike.

What failure or challenge do you feel you learned from the most and what did you learn?
As an urban resort property, we have the advantage of a large proportion of our guests visiting from This may sound funny, but I have taken some crazy tough adventure trips and have had to limit my luggage to one small bag. I have learned I can certainly live without a lot of things.

Where do you go to connect to nature?
My backyard. I love to be “busy” outside. I build things, dig in the dirt, tend to my veggie garden, and plant trees.

What is your favorite GSN resource? 
The people of Green Spa Network are my favorite resource. There is so much knowledge and inspiration among the group.