Member Highlight: Claremont Hotel & Spa

Stacey Parks
Director of Spa Operations,
Claremont Club & Spa
GSN Member Since 2013






Why are you a GSN Member?
I identify with the GSN mission, the resources available, and the opportunities for networking and sharing best practices with like-minded Spa professionals.

Share a recent accomplishment, personally or professionally, in greening or sustainability.
We are so proud of our Spa Services Manager, Lauren Fong, who chaired the hotel’s Sustainability Committee for three years, and had a tremendous impact.  She wrote and received two $5000 grants to service John Garber Park, a small wild lands behind our property. Funds have been used to provide community workshops, create new collateral, and purchase new signage for the park.

Why does your spa prioritize social and/or environmental sustainability?
As stewards of a healthy body and mind, we naturally consider ourselves stewards of a healthy planet.  This includes all aspects of sustainability, from the product houses we choose to work with, to our paper use and recycling program, to educating our colleagues and guests about the ways they can support environmental sustainability through responsible use of resources.

What is your favorite way to connect with your community?
As an urban resort property, we have the advantage of a large proportion of our guests visiting from the local community, as well as our private Club membership.  We are able to nurture these relationships with our regular guests to be a trusted source of information about sustainability in health and wellness.

Share one way your spa makes a difference in your community.
In addition to assisting Garber Park with funding, we work with them ongoing to remove invasive plants and to keep trails clear, which serves our community as well as our hotel guests who are excited about the hiking opportunities near the hotel.  Our guests also have the use of our Kids’ Club, where children are able to participate in gardening and composting projects to learn more about where their food comes from.  Community outreach is important to us, and we have participated in volunteer opportunities for coastal clean-up and boxing food at the Alameda County Food Bank.  Our Sustainability Committee incentivizes colleagues to participate by earning credits that they can collect and trade for rewards.

Where do you go to connect to nature?
We have a beautiful trail system very close to the hotel in Tilden Park, and in Redwood Park, which makes it convenient to regularly connect with nature even with a busy schedule. I am particularly drawn to the water, though, and find hiking or biking near the San Francisco Bay, in the Marin Headlands, or along the Pacific coast to be the ultimate way to reset.

How do you recharge? 
I find it important to disconnect from technology, and when I feel that need, I typically retreat to a remote hot springs where there is no cell phone coverage or WiFi available.  I sometimes have to put myself in a position of not having a choice in order to truly disconnect from technology and reconnect with myself, and it certainly makes a difference energetically when those around you are not buried in their phones. I always return from these retreats more grounded, with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.