GSN Remains Committed to Our Vital Planet

The Green Spa Network (GSN) was founded on the mission of connecting our personal wellbeing to the vitality of our planet. Given the growing evidence for the impact our actions have on the environment and the global impact of climate change, GSN’s vision of creating a more sustainable future is more relevant than ever.

We approach sustainability in a broad manner, with the intention to encourage increased awareness and actions in response to the global imperative for earth friendly living. Our goal is to encourage actionable decisions that positively impact people and planet. While our individual efforts may seem small in the larger picture, there cannot be global change without individual action. We are all a part of the collective solution.

GSN is committed to providing its members and the broader spa industry with education, resources, and community gatherings to show what action can be taken to support our vision of a vital planet and vital people.

As a GSN member you understand the need to take care of the environment that gives so freely to us. You demonstrate your commitment by continuously seeking out solutions and taking action to support a vital planet and vital people.

Today, we recognize the need to remain vigilant in our efforts and invite individuals and businesses to re-affirm their commitment by signing ‘The Pledge for a Greener Future’. This action signifies your desire to seek out solutions and take action for a sustainable future that everyone can enjoy.

Help us create global change and Sign ‘The Pledge for a Greener Future‘ Today.


GSN Pledge for a Greener Future

As a member of GSN and the spa and wellness community, we are committed to promoting the vital connections between personal well-being, economic sustainability and the health of our planet.  We recognize that consciously and continuously managing our environmental and social relationships is key to our success.

We understand that greening principles, products and technologies are continually evolving.  We intend to respond to these developments and apply "best practices" that have a positive impact for our employees, customers and our local and global community.

Our goals are to:
- Provide and promote products, services and business practices that do not harm people, planet or prosperity.
- Engage in and inspire actions that result in a positive impact for personal and planetary vitality.
- Share our efforts with our local and global communities to raise their awareness of the connections between personal and planetary vitality.

To accomplish this, we will:
- Apply conservation practices to our use of water, energy and other resources.
- Adopt responsible reuse, recycling, and waste management and disposal practices.
- Reduce the use and promotion of products that contain hazardous substances.
- Source materials and supplies from companies that conduct their operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
- Make these objectives an integral part of our business planning and decision making
- Commit to continual improvement and revision based on evolving sustainable values and practices and our ability to implement better solutions.

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