Green Education at Local Day Spa

“For me the Green Spa Network has always been about what we can do collectively to create change.” – Cici Coffee,
Founding Board Member of GSN and Founder & CEO of Natural Body Spa & Shop.


Natural Body has been at the forefront of that change, establishing the first spa in the United States constructed and designed in accordance with Platinum LEED specifications, the highest level of certification, in 2009.

In a presentation this past March, Cici took attendees at the Annual GSN Buyers Conference through her journey of environmental stewardship, at a time when “green” resources weren’t as readily available as today. Discover how she successfully applied her passion and dedication in the video recording on our Facebook page here.

Following the event, held at Georgia’s Callaway Gardens, Cici hosted attendees at the Natural Body LEED-certified Brookhaven spa for treatments, plus an in-depth look at the countless steps that were taken to ensure the facility functioned at the highest level of environmental efficiency.

During construction of the Broohaven location, efforts were made to incorporate regional building materials into its design, including service room floors utilizing 50% post-industrial materials, and flooring created from wood reclaimed from a 100-year-old Georgia barn. “The idea is that old can still look beautiful and new,” said Cici. She then pointed out several “old, yet new” items in the lobby, including a repurposed medical cabinet that now features spa products, and a display case from an early Natural Body location opened 19 years ago, that was brought out of storage.

“Reducing our impact on the earth is always at the forefront of our thoughts when designing a new spa location,” said Cici Coffee in the 2009 Press Release, “We are very proud to be affiliated with such a revolutionary program that creates awareness around the importance of being environmentally responsible and allows us to continue to set standards in the green spa industry.”

A signature element of the LEED program is education or as Cici says, “our ability to tell the story,” of the sustainable measures taken in a project. Natural Body took their guest education a step further, earning them an ‘Innovation and Design’ credit. Throughout the spa, you’ll find “Green Education Outreach” signs detailing the LEED points achieved by Natural body, along with tips for “what you can do”.

The signs were curated by Peter Plishka, GSN Board Member and Director of Communications for Natural Body, and created by a student intern from Savannah College of Art and Design. In addition to the Outreach signs, Natural Body has a large print-out in the lobby detailing their full LEED Certification report and a presentation that plays in the waiting room for clients to follow the process.

There are a total of 15 educational signs posted throughout the Brookhaven spa, each featuring local resources and tips for guests to join Natural Body in their sustainability initiatives. One example is the ‘Energy and Atmosphere’ credit that was achieved by installing climate controls in five different areas of the spa, to closely regulate temperatures based on the type of treatments being done within that area, while the “what you can do” encourages guests to turn off lights in vacant rooms and setting thermostats at 3 degrees cooler in the winter and 3 degrees warmer in the summer.


These unique signs are just one example of how Natural Body Spa & Shop is leading the way in environmental and social responsibility. Discover more of their efforts on their website or if you’re in Atlanta make sure to stop in and explore for yourself!


Have you implemented a unique social or environmentally-friendly initiative at your spa? Let us know about it via this quick online survey. We’d love to celebrate your efforts!