Giving Back to the Stewards of the Earth

Laurel Whole Plant Organics celebrates our farmers, the stewards of our Earth,
with their 2017 Earth Day Initiative.


This Earth Day, Laurel Shaffer, owner and formulator of Laurel Whole Plant Organics (WPO), wanted to honor the hard-working farmers that make her products by donating to two local non-profits who support the local agriculture community. On April 22nd, Laurel WPO will donate 100% of their sales to a local biodynamic agriculture teaching program and the Green String Institute.

Laurel WPO takes purity and efficacy to a new level by using the highest quality, artisan ingredients. A 100% organic, raw, unrefined, whole plant line, Laurel sources directly from organic and biodynamic farms, handcrafting each product with love, integrity and unparalleled purity.

Laurel and Eric Pasch, Managing Partner at Laurel WPO, chose the two initiatives due to their strong relationship with and support of the farms that provide them with high quality ingredients. “Farming high quality organic and biodynamic herbs is not a sustainable farming practice, so anything we can do to support our farmers so they are able to provide us with these amazing botanicals for the long term is something we’re committed to doing,” says Eric.

One of the Biodynamic farms that grows herbs and flowers, and produces hydrosols and essential oils, specifically for Laurel WPO is located in Northern California. The farm also operates a non-profit teaching center that focuses on the practices of Biodynamic agriculture as a path for healing the earth and ourselves. Laurel and Eric chose the teaching center to support education of future farmers and sustainable farming practices.

The second non-profit to benefit from Laurel WPO’s Earth Day sales is the Green String Institute. Their mission is to educate a new generation of farmers on how to respect the earth and respond to the needs of their environment as they raise food that brings health to local populations. Operating on 140 acres in the rolling hills of Petaluma, California, the Green String Farm has opened their doors and fields, allowing the Institute to host an internship program on a highly diversified natural process farm. The Institutes goal is to show students how to improve the biology of the lands that they steward while growing healthy food.

“Artisan beauty ingredients aside, there is no future for us without farming.  Seeing new generations of eager young farmers is incredibly inspiring.  I see them as guardians of their land, and therefore stewards of our Earth.  On Earth Day, there is no one I’d rather support”. – Laurel Shaffer