Green is Growing Up

And it’s a good thing too.

It means that the pursuit of sustainability is looking less like a race that can’t be won and more grounded than the lofty ideal that a handful of brave souls championed on the heels of the initial ‘green’ movement. Remember that?

Remember when the guts of embracing green at the personal level was about sorting your recyclables, riding your bike to work and going out of your way to find fresh “organic” vegetables to eat?  When the business angle on taking a stand for the environment built its foundation on not much more than mere statements of commitment and the rampant green-wash marketing that actually succeeded in influencing consumers?

The movement, if it can even be called that anymore, has matured, morphing into a global mega trend that continues growing, like a very healthy elephant in the room, with undeniable credibility.  There are more and more intelligent people of all ages, from all walks of life and all sides of any aisle paying attention to real concerns about how our future is going to look.  And so, like GSN, the pursuit of sustainability now has legs that may just be capable of winning that race after all.

GSN is one of many organizations that were formed when the imperative for sustainability was more of a grass roots movement at the cultural level.  Our founders brought a passion to expressing their vision that was contagious and, like so many movements working to organize and inspire action, backed into the business of the matter mission first.

This breach birth of a business, if you will, made for challenging initial years for GSN as it’s ‘legs’ have emerged last.  It’s also why, in spite of the awkwardness of that phase, the association has continued to grow for nearly 8 years now.  The vision remains pure and the mission is more relevant than ever.

Looking forward from 2015, The Green Spa Network stands ready to take a huge stride in delivering on its promise to green an industry through inspired action.  Beyond just joining in spirit and action with a tribe of like-minded passionate spa people to reduce our carbon footprint, our association is ready to declare a vision for the future that brings to life the next dimension of positive impact our industry can make.

This vision is one where spas as businesses embrace the same principles, values and philosophies that we espouse for our guests.  One where spa professionals lead balanced vital lives, not because they’re supposed to, but because they’re supported and nurtured through their careers and by the companies they work for.  It’s one where the future is shared not scared.  Where holistic vitality, evolution and expansion have replaced linear growth, preservation and survival.

The truth is that the GSN community is still working out some of the details that will guide the development of our best tools and resources. But knowing that we already provide a rallying point for anyone to engage, be inspired and bring abundance to a sustainable future is really what this association is all about.

In a world with more than enough uncertainties to find a way to live with on a daily basis I gain a welcome measure of peace in knowing that together, we are contributing to conscious change.  This is what engaging with GSN can do for you too.