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Industry Leaders Support Recognition of Sustainable Excellence in the Spa Industry

The Green Spa Network engages industry leaders to judge 6th Annual Sustainability Awards in recognition of
sustainable innovation and leadership.


The Green Spa Network (GSN) announces its 6th Annual Sustainability Awards, which recognize innovation and leadership by the spa industry in support of a vital planet and vital people. With its annual awards, GSN celebrates the collective contributions to a more sustainable future.

“Proactively caring for the health of our planet and people is what the spa industry has always been about,” says Karen Short, GSN Board President and Senior VP Sales and Marketing, Universal Companies, “by recognizing the achievements in spa and sustainability, GSN elevates the awareness of success stories to inspire other businesses to create positive change.”

Representing both the spa and sustainability industries, along with wellness, hotels, and design, the 2017 GSN Sustainability Awards judges are well-known in the community and have a strong pulse on the change leaders. The independent panel will award winners in four categories: Sustainable Building, Innovative Sustainable Initiative, Leadership in Sustainability by a Day Spa and Resort/Wellness Center, and Sustainable Spa Brand in Beauty, Equipment, and Retail. The GSN Sustainability Awards program also includes a Visionary Award and Tara Grodjesk Dedicated Contributor Award, which are determined by the GSN Board of Directors.

The 2017 GSN Sustainability Judges are Rona Berg (Editor-in-Chief, Organic Spa Magazine), Julie Keller Callaghan (Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, American Spa Magazine), Debra Duneier (Founder, EcoChi), Glenn Hasek (Editor and Publisher, Green Lodging News), and Ulli Peck (Founder and Owner, The Wellness Agency).

Winners will be announced in December 2017 and will be featured at the 10th Anniversary Congress, March 11-14, 2018 at Carmel Valley Ranch. The public is encouraged to submit recommendations for brands and leaders that are practicing sustainable responsibility. Recommendations can be made here.

GSN Announces 10th Anniversary Congress

The Green Spa Network (GSN) announces the location and theme for its 10th Anniversary Congress, the only spa industry event dedicated to sustainability education and inspiration. With the theme of “Inspire Action and Create Community through Storytelling,” the 10th Anniversary Congress with take place at the award-winning Carmel Valley Ranch, March 11-14, 2018.

Storytelling has fostered human interaction since the invention of language. Whether it’s through extraordinary experiences being shared by guests, employees sharing the benefits of treatments and products, or the décor and menu of a spa communicating how they support wellbeing, storytelling is a major part of the spa experience. Write your story at the 10th Anniversary Congress, and discover the most effective ways to inspire action and engage with your community by telling your story.

A unique gathering in the spa industry, GSN’s Congress creates an environment for professional and personal exploration through quality education, collaborative sessions, and networking. Facilitated at resorts that prioritize and incorporate the natural environment, Congress presents an unparalleled opportunity to discover sustainable solutions for your business, evoke your purpose, forge relationships with a nurturing community, and be inspired by nature to support our mission of “Vital People. Vital Planet.”

Convening at Carmel Valley Ranch, located in the sunny foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains, Congress will offer attendees a multitude of adventures and excursions to experience this beautiful part of the planet we are committed to supporting. As a camp-inspired resort, Carmel Valley Ranch encourages a playful connection to nature and each other.

“You will be inspired to live your best life, recapture your youthful joy, and align your vision to surpass everyone’s expectations, especially your own!” promises Tracie Wertz, GSN Board Member and Congress Chair. “The 10th Anniversary Congress will be more magical than we have come to expect and I would tell anyone interested in elevating their personal and professional story to join us in Carmel Valley to explore the limitless possibilities and vibrate at a higher level in collaboration with spa industry and global sustainability leaders.”

The three-day GSN Congress event is designed to be an interactive experience providing attendees with the inspiration and supportive community necessary for taking action to support sustainable businesses, people, and planet. To find out more visit Registration and Early-Bird prices will open July 15, 2017.

About Green Spa Network:
GSN is a non-profit trade association serving the spa industry in support of action for a sustainable future. Their mission is to promote the vital connections between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability and the health of our planet. Through networking, education, and best practices developed with a membership of the nation’s most innovative green spas, GSN is a resource for vital people building a vital planet.

Contact: Jessica Gilden | Business Manager | 800-275-3045 |

Green Education at Local Day Spa

“For me the Green Spa Network has always been about what we can do collectively to create change.” – Cici Coffee,
Founding Board Member of GSN and Founder & CEO of Natural Body Spa & Shop.


Natural Body has been at the forefront of that change, establishing the first spa in the United States constructed and designed in accordance with Platinum LEED specifications, the highest level of certification, in 2009.

In a presentation this past March, Cici took attendees at the Annual GSN Buyers Conference through her journey of environmental stewardship, at a time when “green” resources weren’t as readily available as today. Discover how she successfully applied her passion and dedication in the video recording on our Facebook page here.

Following the event, held at Georgia’s Callaway Gardens, Cici hosted attendees at the Natural Body LEED-certified Brookhaven spa for treatments, plus an in-depth look at the countless steps that were taken to ensure the facility functioned at the highest level of environmental efficiency.

During construction of the Broohaven location, efforts were made to incorporate regional building materials into its design, including service room floors utilizing 50% post-industrial materials, and flooring created from wood reclaimed from a 100-year-old Georgia barn. “The idea is that old can still look beautiful and new,” said Cici. She then pointed out several “old, yet new” items in the lobby, including a repurposed medical cabinet that now features spa products, and a display case from an early Natural Body location opened 19 years ago, that was brought out of storage.

“Reducing our impact on the earth is always at the forefront of our thoughts when designing a new spa location,” said Cici Coffee in the 2009 Press Release, “We are very proud to be affiliated with such a revolutionary program that creates awareness around the importance of being environmentally responsible and allows us to continue to set standards in the green spa industry.”

A signature element of the LEED program is education or as Cici says, “our ability to tell the story,” of the sustainable measures taken in a project. Natural Body took their guest education a step further, earning them an ‘Innovation and Design’ credit. Throughout the spa, you’ll find “Green Education Outreach” signs detailing the LEED points achieved by Natural body, along with tips for “what you can do”.

The signs were curated by Peter Plishka, GSN Board Member and Director of Communications for Natural Body, and created by a student intern from Savannah College of Art and Design. In addition to the Outreach signs, Natural Body has a large print-out in the lobby detailing their full LEED Certification report and a presentation that plays in the waiting room for clients to follow the process.

There are a total of 15 educational signs posted throughout the Brookhaven spa, each featuring local resources and tips for guests to join Natural Body in their sustainability initiatives. One example is the ‘Energy and Atmosphere’ credit that was achieved by installing climate controls in five different areas of the spa, to closely regulate temperatures based on the type of treatments being done within that area, while the “what you can do” encourages guests to turn off lights in vacant rooms and setting thermostats at 3 degrees cooler in the winter and 3 degrees warmer in the summer.


These unique signs are just one example of how Natural Body Spa & Shop is leading the way in environmental and social responsibility. Discover more of their efforts on their website or if you’re in Atlanta make sure to stop in and explore for yourself!


Have you implemented a unique social or environmentally-friendly initiative at your spa? Let us know about it via this quick online survey. We’d love to celebrate your efforts!

Reclaim Your Creative Confidence

By Deborah Fleischer
Originally Posted on ‘Spark Creativity and Innovation: Seven Tips for Reclaiming your Creative Confidence

We know that sustainability can promote innovation and push businesses to save money, discover new business models, and identify new products and services. Yet, how do you create a culture of creativity that inspires inspiration in others? According to Cultivating Purpose: Sustainability Innovation and Employee Engagement, three particular qualities can cultivate an internal culture that improves and fosters sustainability innovation:

  • Leadership from the top: Leadership sets the tone and helps promote a culture of engagement and innovation;
  • Comfort with risk: Allowing employees to take risks contributes to outside-the- box inventions; and
  • Cross-collaboration: Collaboration, whether internally, externally, or both, is a key element inspiring innovation.

Creativity2These tips are more about nurturing innovation at the organizational level, but they don’t directly address the three key blocks to personal creativity: the inner critic; the comparing mind; and overthinking. Below I detail seven additional tips for reclaiming your creative confidence and reconnecting to why caring for the earth is important to you:

  1. Turn off the inner critic
  2. Leap and dive into unknown
  3. Dare to take risks and be willing to fail
  4. Use nature to inspire
  5. Make consistent time for creativity
  6. Gather available resources
  7. Ask for feedback and conduct a postmortem

If you want to try a fun exercise, check out my worksheet for  Reclaiming Your Creative Confidence. I’m available to facilitate this process at your next conference or retreat. Check out the short video above for highlights from the workshop.

Creativity Tip #1:  Turn Off the Inner Critic

According to the classic book Creativity in Business: Based on the Famed Stanford University Course that has Revolutionized the art of Business, “…your creativity has been inhibited by fear, negative personal judgement, and the chattering of your mind.” It continues, “If you lack the confidence to create, you are undoubtedly tuned into the Voice of Judgement that all of us have within.” There are many approaches to destroying judgement and taming your inner critic, but the one I find work best is a mindfulness approach where you pay attention to your thoughts and bring a curiosity to them, without buying into them.

Author and vulnerability researcher Brené Brown in her TED talk Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count suggests an approach for our critic and our own self-doubt–tell it, “I see you, I hear you, but I’m going to do this anyway.” One way to embrace creativity, according to Brown, is to let go of comparison.  There is nothing more vulnerable then creativity.

According to UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, mindfulness is one of the key habits of highly creative people. In addition, a recent article in BrainWorld listed meditation as one of five key habits of creative people. Tara Brach, a mindfulness teacher, provides four steps for being less hard on yourself RAIN:

  • Recognize what is going on;
  • Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;
  • Investigate with kindness;
  • Natural awareness, which comes from not identifying with the experience.

Patrick O’Neill of Extraordinary Conversation’s recent blog post, The Fable of the Harsh Master, talks about the self critic and three remedies for interrupting it:  self-love, self-trust, and self-respect.

Below are a few online resources if you are looking for ideas on how to get started with a mindfulness practice:


Creativity Tip #2: Leap and Dive into the Unknown

Vida CreativityThis tip gets to the block of overthinking. When I am standing in front of a white canvas, I don’t plan it out, create a sketch, or “think” about it. I follow what ever impulse arises in the moment. What color am I drawn to? What is here right now that wants to be seen? Without overthinking, I dive in.

Creativity in Business: Based on the Famed Stanford University Course that has Revolutionized the art of Business has a chapter titled, “If at First you Don’t Success Surrender,” which quotes a business man saying, “To me, surrender doesn’t mean to quit or give up, but rather to let go of any emotional attachment to the final outcome…My mind is set free and a feeling of expansion prevails…Don’t try, just surrender!”

Don’t overthink it; follow your initial impulse and see where it leads you, without pressure and expectations of creating a masterpiece. 

Creativity Tip #3:  Dare to Take Risks and be Willing to Fail

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 5.00.48 PM

Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within us All stresses “…creative geniuses, from artists like Mozart to scientists like Darwin, are quite prolific when it comes to failure–they just don’t let it stop them.” It also highlights how permission to fail and even embracing your failures will promote innovation.

According to 18 Things Highly Creative People do Differently, creative people “take risks” and “fail up”.  Part of the risk  is being vulnerable to being seen and risking failure. As an artist, I know my best art comes from being willing to “ruin” a piece and push the limits.  How often do you let yourself learn from a failure and build upon it? After my first art class, I spent hours on a painting that didn’t do much for me.  So the next semester I continued to work on it–a willingness to silence the inner critic and keep going. I ultimately sold the painting that emerged (Emerging Heart). According to Ed Catmull in Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces that Stand in the Way of True Inspiration, “If we as leaders can talk about our mistakes and our part in them, them we make it safe for others.”

Creativity Tip #4:  Use Nature to Inspire

According to the Greater Good Science Center, nature can make you kinder, happier, and more creative.  The more you get away from the stresses of daily life and the more time you spend outdoors, the greater your level of creativity. Being in nature has an impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us to reduce anxiety, brooding, and stress, and increase our attention capacity, creativity, and our ability to connect with other people. While you might not have time to hit the trails for a four-day backpacking adventure, try this one-hour nature-based ‘Sustainability Score’ to spark new insights.

Creativity Tip #5:  Make Consistent Time for Creativity

When I committed to a weekly art class and put the time on my calendar, the consistent practice of painting each week amplified my creativity. Brendon Burchard, a motivational speaker, suggests, “Schedule the change.”  Consider putting some weekly creative/innovation time on your calendar each week. According to Burchard, if it’s not in your calendar, then you won’t do it. This could look like brainstorming a long list of ideas on how to solve a key problem you are struggling with, clarifying long-term goals, identifying resources you could build upon, taking a walk in nature, listening to music, or brainstorming a list of who you could be collaborating with.

Creativity Tip #6:  Gather Available Resources

Get clear on what resources you have available to create with. As a multi-media artist, my palette can range from old wrapping paper to discarded bubble wrap to molding paste and stencils. Invest in new tools–when I finally invested in some large, high-end brushes, my work went in a whole new direction. Part of the creative process is playing with the resources you have and seeing where they take you. Resources can include time, physical materials, other people, ideas, and limitations. Resources as a key component to the creative process developed by Anna and Lawrence Halprin known as the RSVP cycles.

At the spa at Cavallo Point they decided to reuse the plastic laundry bags for guests to use as bags for their wet bathing suits. Based on an employee suggestion, this idea took an existing resource and turned it into a solution that saves the spa money, reduces waste, and makes visitors happy.

Creativity Tip #7:  Ask for Feedback

In reviewing the literature on creativity, one common theme is the practice of feedback.  In art class, this comes in the form of a critique, which some avoid like the plague. But it can be invaluable to open yourself to feedback.  What works?  What should be kept?  What could go? How may I develop this?

Once a project is complete, the other practice is to conduct a postmortem. In Creativity, Inc. Catmull talks about the postmortem process at Pixar–a process where they explored what did and didn’t work and attempted to consolidate lessons learned. He lists five reasons to do postmortems:  consolidate what’s been learned, teach others who weren’t there, don’t let resentments fester, use the schedule to force reflection, and pay it forward.

Learn More

Here are a few of the best books I can recommend on creativity in business:

TED talks to inspire creativity:

Green Spa Network Announces 2016 Sustainability Award Winners

The Green Spa Network announced the winners of its 5th Annual Sustainability Awards at the 2016 Green Spa Network Congress Gala Banquet on September 26th at Devil’s Thumb Ranch (Tabernash, CO).

In its 5th year, the Green Spa Network Sustainability Awards honor people and companies that have invested in pursuing progress towards a sustainable future and achieved outstanding accomplishments through their leadership, innovation, and dedication.


The 2016 recipients include:

  • GSN Visionary Award: Robert Redford
  • Culinary Excellence: Meadowood Napa Valley (St. Helena, CA)
  • Green Building Award: The Allison Inn & Spa (Newburg, OR)
  • Sustainable Skin Care Award: Shankara
  • Sustainable Spa Award, Day Spa: Naturopathica Chelsea (New York City)
  • Sustainable Spa Award, Multi-Location Spa: Natural Body Spa and Shop (Multiple Location in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee)
  • Sustainable Spa Award, Resort/Destination Spa: Spa at Mohonk Mountain House (New Paltz, NY)
  • Sustainable Retailer Award: Pharmaca (Multiple Locations in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington)

Additionally, the Tara Grodjesk Dedicated Contributor Award, which recognizes those dedicated volunteers who contribute to the growth and success of GSN, was given to Bill Barczy, Jim Chenevey, Cici Coffee, Kelley Filbin, and Rianna Riego.

The awards are judged by an independent committee of industry professionals that includes Mary Bemis, editorial director of Insider’s Guide to Spas; Debriana Berlin, founder of Kiss The Sky & Yoga Incorporated; Rona Berg, editor-in-chief of Organic Spa and The Rona Report; Christi Cano, president and founder of Innovative Spa Productions; and Julie Keller Callaghan, editor-in-chief and publisher of American Spa.

Runner’s up were also recognized including:

  • Culinary Excellence: Allison Inn, Blackberry Farm, Mii Amo
  • Green Building Award: Complexions A Spa for Beauty and Wellness, Miraval Resort & Spa, Montage Beverly Hills, Salamander Resort, Solage Calistoga
  • Sustainable Skin Care Award: Body Bliss, Intelligent Nutrients, JAMU, OSEA
  • Sustainable Spa Award, Day Spa: Organic Elements Spa, Posh Organics
  • Sustainable Spa Award, Multi-Location Spa: Complexions A Spa for Beauty and Wellness, Hiatus Spa & Retreat, International Orange, Naturopathica Healing Art Centers
  • Sustainable Spa Award, Resort/Destination Spa: Allison Inn, Farmhouse Inn, Mii Amo, Montage Beverly Hills, Salamander Resort
  • Sustainable Retailer Award: Credo Beauty, Organaca


GSN is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to promoting sustainability in and through the spa and wellness industry. Their mission is to promote the vital connections between personal wellbeing, economic sustainability and the health of our planet. Through networking, education, and best practices developed with its membership of the nation’s most innovative green spas, GSN is setting the standard for social and environmental sustainability in the industry. For more information, visit

Contact: Jessica Gilden | Business Manager | 800-275-3045 |

Experience Enlightenment at 2016 Congress

Dr. Mehrad Nazari to Enlighten Your Negotiations And Your Yoga Practice


Conscious collaboration requires conscious interactions and conscious negotiations. In order for us to survive and thrive, we must create a culture based on this philosophy and elevate our interactions with employees, clients, and stakeholders. Leadership that is mindful and incorporates these values increases collaboration and productivity; companies who embrace these ideals significantly outperform their competitors.

At the 9th Annual Congress, Keynote Speaker Dr. Mehrad Nazari will enlighten attendees with an interdisciplinary approach that helps you reach agreement effectively and efficiently. ‘Enlightened Negotiation®’ is the application of Green Philosophy to our human interactions. It draws on insights from multiple schools of thought including integrative negotiation, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, behavioral science, neuroscience, and interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. It embraces the basic spiritual principles revered by many wisdom traditions to transcend the competitive model and tap the natural power of our innate desire as human beings to connect, create, and prosper.

The following morning, Dr. Nazari will lead attendees through an enlightening Raja Yoga practice incorporating his expertise in consciousness-based practices and meditation. “With Raja Yoga, benefits are experienced both immediately and long-term, not just on a physical level but in all aspects of our lives. We experience positive changes in our lives that include not just improved health, but greater awareness, mental clarity, self-confidence, and spiritual attunement within ourselves and in relationship to the world around us.” – Mehrad Nazari, Ph.D. All levels are welcome.


We hope you can join us for the 9th Annual Congress on ‘Manifesting Vision: the Power of Conscious Collaboration’. There’s still time to register for the three-day event or for a day!


Embrace The Power of Collaboration

Achieve Sustainable Success with Conscious Collaboration


Being able to create and sustain lasting change is central to the 9th Annual Congress Theme,  ‘Manifesting Vision: the Power of Conscious Collaboration’.  Through a carefully crafted blend of keynotes, interactive sessions, personal empowerment, thoughtful ritual, practical solutions, and restorative activities Congress will bring sustainability alive for you and your business.

Conscious Collaboration will guide most of the general sessions, resulting in your ability to identify gaps in communication that prevent full engagement and learning best practices for working with others in order to successfully implement sustainability initiatives. The following Congress sessions will educate and inspire you to integrate the practices into your business.

Check out the Congress Agenda for a full listing of the sessions and events.


Realizing Sustainability Results: Best Practices for Next Generation Green Team Leadership
Mike BruggemanIn several general sessions, Mike Bruggeman will take you through a best practice process for conceptualizing a sustainability or wellness programming effort, commissioning and managing the work of green teams and achieving measurable results. Learn how to understand and avoid pitfalls that slow green team progress; determine if sustainability and wellness initiatives fit with your organizational culture and if not what to do to increase the likelihood of success; create a project roadmap; and develop a deep understanding of how to lead and/or participate in a successful next generation green team.

The Genius of Opposites: How Introverts and Extroverts Achieve Extraordinary Results Together
Jennifer KahnweilerIn her Keynote Session, Jennifer Kahnweiler will draw on decades of work in the field to help you discover the opportunities you have for becoming a genius partner with your opposite at work or home. It is true that opposites attract and can be better together than alone. But without careful maintenance and balance they can quickly go off the rails. There are countless examples of partnerships that have changed history. Think Jobs and Wozniak, Venus and Serena and Mick and Keith. The success of these genius opposites depends on how they interact. By learning 5 key steps you can turn frustration into a strong collaboration that yields long lasting results.


Enlightened Negotiation
dr-mehrad-nazari_michele-hebertIn their Keynote Session, Dr. Mehrad Nazari and Michele Hebert will emphasis the importance of mindful leadership for successful communication and how to elevate your relationships with staff and peers. Enlightened Negotiation® is the application of Green Philosophy to our human interactions. It’s an interdisciplinary approach that helps you to reach agreement effectively and efficiently. It draws on insights from multiple schools of thought including integrative negotiation, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, behavioral science, neuroscience, and interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. It embraces the basic spiritual principles revered by many wisdom traditions to transcend the competitive model and tap the natural power of our innate desire as human beings to connect, create, and prosper.

Make Green Happen: Best Practices to Empower Employees and Inspire Action
Deborah FleischerIn her second Breakout Session, Deborah Fleischer will present an overview of six best practices for energizing employees and inspiring action. Through an interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to see recent examples of how to build off your brand, tap into core values, make sustainability visible, and empower green champions. Experience the Green Challenge and work collaboratively to design a simple values-based question you can use to deepen your employees’ connection to sustainability. Attendees will also get a free copy of Green Impact’s new “green paper” including six activity ideas for engaging employees in sustainability.


Manifesting Your Vision

9th Annual Congress Theme Focuses on Your Vision for the Future


The 9th Annual Congress Theme of ‘Manifesting Vision: the Power of Conscious Collaboration’ provides a framework for the carefully crafted blend of keynotes, interactive sessions, personal empowerment, thoughtful ritual, practical solutions, and restorative activities that will bring sustainability alive for you and your business.

The following Congress sessions will assist you in Manifesting Your Vision by helping you prioritize your goals, identify obstacles that may be standing in your way, and build skills to make your vision a reality. Aligning this focus with ‘Conscious Collaboration’ provides you with the resources to enact powerful and positive change.

Check out the Congress Agenda to see the full listing of sessions and events.

The Fluid of Longevity: Resounding Discoveries in Lymph Science

unnamed-3Tuesday Afternoon Keynote Speaker, Dr. John Douillard will connect Ayurvedic tradition with modern spa therapies that enhance your personal vitality. For decades the spa industry addressed the lymphatic system as fundamental to the philosophy of total mind-body care. Now, new lymph research is validating many of these existing spa therapies. The lymphatics in the brain and central nervous system that drain 3 pounds of brain toxins per year were only recently discovered. Not surprisingly, thousands of years ago traditional medical systems like Ayurveda were describing the precise location of these lymph vessels along with profound lymph moving therapies. Join Dr. Douillard as he links this incredible new lymph science to many of the therapies already incorporated by the spa industry as well as powerful digestive and breathing therapies that are linked to optimal health, digestion, fitness, longevity and even your intuition.

Fostering an Ultra Mindset for Personal and Professional Vitality
Travis MacyBreakout Session Speaker, Travis Macy will provide an endurance athlete’s lessons on pushing personal boundaries and utilizing a network of support. Developed by dynamic endurance racing teams in the earth’s most challenging natural environments, The Ultra Mindset is a set of relevant principles for success in business, wellness, and life. Travis’ session uses stories, images, video, and dialogue to teach powerful, unique mindset principles. Participants will learn why it’s important to drop the ego and collaborate with competitors, how to reappraise negative situations and challenging work, and how to “find your carrot” in life and work.

EcoChi: The Powerful Combination of Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom When Designing Spa Interiors
Debra Duneier Headshot 2Breakout Session Speaker, Debra Duneier will assist you in creating a vision for your business using interior design principles that support overall wellness. Positive shifts in ones’ life can begin at your spa, by incorporating concepts from EcoChi. Scientific and evidence-based studies prove that we can enhance our well-being by making conscious design choices. Debra, creator of the EcoChi® system of design, will be sharing her integrative approach and how she and her team create healthier environments that support overall wellness. For your spa, your home and your office, Debra will share EcoChi inside secrets on how you can enhance the human experience of your spaces resulting in relaxation, well-being, happiness and abundance.


Women in Leadership: Changing the Game
CP photo in red - headshotIn this Breakout Session Panel, Tara Grodjesk and Carolyn Parrs will lead a dynamic conversation on what is most relevant to women today in leadership roles and how we create business solutions, utilizing a feminine approach to enacting change – personally, professionally, globally. They will address key issues of our time and some of the challenges women face and the opportunities we can embrace to help shape the future of leadership. Attendees of the session will share in a lively discussion that is monitored and anchored by thought leaders for the forum.

It’s a Marathon not a Sprint




Often preceded by the words “pace yourself,” each of us has heard the sentiment applied to all manner of life pursuits and it always sounds sensible. But when you think about it for more than a second, it’s not clear what the takeaway should be. Should I back off and slow down? Should I dig in and power through? If I’m going to pace myself, what pace do I need to succeed? The answers to these questions are personal and finding them is useful if you want to get to the finish line, no matter the distance or discipline.

unnamed-2One person who has unlocked a powerful formula for answering these questions and winning races is Travis Macy. This endurance athlete and coach is our next speaker to be announced for the 9th Annual GSN Congress at Devil’s Thumb. Travis will be joining us to share his 8 principles for cultivating a mindset that stands strong in the face of obstacles and that can carry anyone to successes beyond anything they previously thought possible.

Finisher of over 120 ultra endurance events in 17 countries, Travis Macy is a speaker, author, coach, and professional endurance athlete. He holds the record for Leadman, an epic endurance event consisting of a trail running marathon, 50-mile mountain bike race, Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race, 10k road run, and Leadville 100 Run, all above 10,200′ in the Rocky Mountains. Macy’s racing and adventure exploits have been covered by The New York Times, ABC, Penthouse Magazine, Runner’s World, Adventure Sports Magazine, Competitor Magazine, UltraRunning Magazine, Trail Runner Magazine, and Breathe Magazine, among others. He is the author of The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion’s 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports, and Life and along with his consulting team, Travis leads executive retreats for high-performers in his home State of Colorado and around the world.

At Congress, Travis will bring practical tools to harness your passion, keep your head in check, access the power of collaboration at it’s highest level and channel your inspiration to achieve any concrete result you are committed to.

We’ll be adding more exciting speakers to our roster in the coming weeks but don’t wait to register because after Friday July 1st the price will go up $100. You can reserve your place and take advantage of the savings by registering today even if you don’t want to pay till later. Space at this landmark event is limited so take a minute to sign up now by clicking here.

Embrace the Power of Introverts




We all work with them and many of us tend towards an introverted style of self expression ourselves. With the spa industry on the threshold of a new age of balance and transparency there is a lot we can learn about the underutilized power of introverts. Bringing consciousness to leveraging the strengths and shortfalls of both extroverted and introverted styles is one step towards successful sustainability initiatives.

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D.We are thrilled to announce a deep dive into this topic at the 9th Annual GSN Congress this Fall with Jennifer Kahnweiler.

Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D., is a global speaker and bestselling author based in Atlanta, GA. She is hailed as the “Champion of Introverts.” Her books include The Genius of Opposites, Quiet Influence, and The Introverted Leader, and have been translated into 15 languages. Jennifer has spoken at hundreds of organizations including GE, NASA, Freddie Mac, CNN, the CDC, and the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam. She is a well-respected faculty member of the American Management Association and was the “Godmother” commencement speaker at the Universidad Americana in Paraguay. She has presented programs in Germany, Singapore, Australia, and Japan. Jennifer has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, and Time. She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and serves on the board of The National Speakers Association, Georgia chapter.

Learn more about Jennifer and the information she brings to this years Congress through this brief video.

To see Jennifer and many other inspired speakers, don’t forget to reserve your spot for the GSN Congress before they’re all gone.