Tracie Ridder-Wertz

VP Retail Sales for the a la mode division of Universal Companies

Tracie Ridder Wertz, VP Retail Sales for the a la mode division of Universal Companies, is a sales professional with over twenty years’ experience in the spa industry. As a retail, sales and marketing authority in her field, she founded à la mode to provide retail resources to the spa and hospitality industries. Along with her impressive team of retail experts, Tracie provides a variety of coaching and consulting services guaranteed to boost profitability alongside an ever-evolving and inspiring portfolio of emerging, trendy and eco-chic retail products. Known in the spa industry for her reliability and professionalism, she is recognized as one of the most effective and motivational sales specialists in the industry today. And as a cancer survivor, she inspires colleagues, friends and others with her stories of perseverance and optimism. After a life-saving amputation of her right foot in 2011, she has since regained her activity level including running her first 5K (ever) with the Blade Runners of Chicago, proving anything IS possible. Her motto: Live each day with gratitude and joy! She joins the GSN board with the enthusiasm to bring sustainability education, awareness and best practices to the spa industry to encourage everyone to become part of the movement for a healthier planet. Reach her directly at or 708-606-6242 and visit her site at