Adar Venyige

Director of Sales, VB Cosmetics

Adar Venyige was born on March 30, 1976 in Los Angeles, California, where he was raised.

His first passion of Hospitality and serving of others, led him to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, where he graduated with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. This led Adar to his first venture in the Catering Industry, which he proudly served.

An Entrepreneur for almost 20 years now, the industries he has served include, Food and Beverage, Finance and Men’s Apparel, which brought him out to Scottsdale Arizona, where he currently lives.

His latest endeavor in the Nail Polish Industry, as Director of Sales for VB Cosmetics Inc., has been the most exciting yet. Adar has helped Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer make a significant impact on the Global Spa and Salon market, with a revolutionary product which focusses on the cleanest ingredients and superior performance.

Adar’s hopes are to always represent products that he is passionate about, and that make a difference in people’s lives. He is committed to maintaining integrity, and giving respect to our impact on society and our planet.