Green Meetings 6As a meeting attendee, you can impact the sustainability of a meeting through your actions. Both before and after the meeting, your choices affect how green a meeting is. Green Spa Network has compiled a list of ten ways you can be green…sometimes it just takes a little creativity!

10 Ways Attendees Can Go Green:

  1. Bring your own reusable water bottle.
  2. Offset air travel with a donation to a carbon offset non-profit or volunteer project; online carbon footprint calculators can assist you in determining the appropriate number for your travel.
  3. Ensure lights are turned off in your office, home, or hotel room; set room temperatures at temperatures fit for the time of year.
  4. Download presenter notes and access them from your tablet or laptop to reduce printing.
  5. Utilize eco-friendly transportation to get to the meeting, i.e. public transportation, bicycles, ride-share programs with eco-friendly vehicles or shuttle services.
  6. Turn off water while brushing teeth and washing hands or face.
  7. If staying overnight, participate in the properties linen and towel reuse programs.
  8. Get outside! Take advantage of local nature activities or volunteer opportunities.
  9. Add this tag line to your emails, “Please consider the environment before printing this email”
  10. Participate in the sustainable initiatives promoted by the meeting.

BONUS ACTION: Let your meeting organizer know that you want your meeting to be more green!

When talking about sustainability initiatives we have heard the phrase, “but that’s not what my customers want.” The same has been said about meetings, so let them know GREEN IS what you want. To make the process easy, GSN has provided a sample message for you to use, downloadable here. Your meeting host can then utilize the Green Meetings Resource and the convenient checklist provided by GSN to help them green their meetings.

Download the Sample Message to send to your Meeting Host